Luxury homes: Features commonly seen in luxury villa

entertainment area

If you are in the market for a villa that is more than just a home then high-end homes or luxury condos are a prominent choice. Buying a luxury space may not be the choice of many however there are a variety of listing on the market that can be explored. From having a spacious infinity pool overlooking the beach to golf courses attached to the listing there are a plethora of choices. Luxury homes bring in plenty of comforts for those looking for a home that reflects their lifestyle and way of life.

The search process is different: Many high-end properties go un-listed to protect the seller’s privacy. Not usually seen on the internet or a typical property listing website, these properties are generally found with realtors from the area.

Look beyond the photos: While shortlisting properties we would recommend looking beyond the photos as more than often the front elevation of large houses aren’t photogenic.  What might appear to seeing in person or through perhaps a viewing from Google Earth may not justify what is seen in photos.

Working with a Local Realtor: It is absolutely critical to work with a realtor that is familiar with the local area that you are looking to buy in. Not only are they familiar with the area but they also have better access to high-end properties. Scouting for properties that are on the market is a lot easier this way as well.

Assess the surroundings: If the property has a view to die for make sure you are aware of, the view can be obstructed with other constructions in the future. This information can be gathered by looking at survey plans from the Town and Country Planning Office in Panjim or Margao.

Luxurious properties are known for their well-appointed layout and of course its amenities that will make the owner feel lavished upon or spoiled. Whenever a buyer is looking for a luxury listing he often associates his needs to being royalty, opulent, and extravagance. Luxury listings are today associated with private swimming pools, saunas, in-house gyms, a large backyard with a tennis court, game rooms and so much more. However, there are always certain aspects that home buyers in this segment are looking for that intrigue them and then commit to a purchase.

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The Character Counts

Open floor plans with grand entryways along with a floor plan that is airy and expansive bring about the feeling of luxury and this is often a very striking characteristic of luxury spaces. Large and wide windows with spacious rooms make all the difference. For many buyers, it is the floor plans that make the first impression. The architectural flair along with creativity, innovation, and vision define these beautiful properties.

Technology In Functionality

Homes fitted with the latest tech trends draw many toward it, something that is now seen in many modern bungalows. New innovations in technology have brought about luxuries that attract many buyers. Home automation systems are definitely one of them. With the click of a button on the app of smartphone access to lighting, access to locking doors, climate controls, and alarm systems can be achieved even without not being present at the house itself.


 A Wow Kitchen

The heart of every home is definitely the kitchen and nothing reflects luxury other than a magnificent kitchen space. So of the important facets that needs to be present in this space is a kitchen that is filled with appliances and is of commercial grade. Features such as warming drawers, wine fridges, restaurant-quality appliances, and a walk-in pantry are things that define a luxury listing offering.

Outdoor Entertaining Space with a swimming pool

Apart from a fully stocked kitchen the luxury buyer also craves creature comforts such as an outdoor cooking space that can be used to entertain friends and family. A cooking space that is outdoors needs to be equipped with appliances such as a gas grill and a partly functioning kitchen counter that can be used for prep-work along with a sink. A fridge for keeping drinks chilled and for storage is always preferable. Swimming pools with an inbuilt Jacuzzi with changing cabanas form a part of the necessities of a luxury buyer’s list as well. Privacy with swimming pools is a must.

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It’s all in the location

The crown jewel of it all is the location and not many listings can boast of this. In Goa, the most obvious location is by the beach with a sea view. Villas with these facets are very limited in number and are always listed at a premium price. A clandestine location amidst the many other properties in the locality adds to the charm of the property.

Recreation Rooms

Luxury spaces come equipped with a games and/or a theatre room, a tempting feature for those shopping in the luxury segment. The rooms are often fitted with large screen televisions, bar areas, a pool table, and more.

Spa Bathroom

All luxury real estate offerings are fitted with a sumptuous bathroom as homeowners like to create the opulence of the world’s best hotels and spa’s into their everyday lives with spa-like bathroom spaces that are often associated with these properties. It isn’t a luxury living space without walk-in showers with multiple shower jets, radiant heated floors, towel warmers, and not forgetting a hot tub with a Jacuzzi.


A Bedroom Made For Royalty

Nothing completes a luxury house without a spacious and private space that is fit for a king and his queen. Large openings for sunlight, excellent ventilation, and a massive bed primarily define this space. Bring in the very latest built-in automation systems for managing lights, window shades, security, and climate control to complete the space.

There is plenty that defines a luxury villa space, however, factors such as where is it located, the neighborhood, and price in the locality adds to its definition. Independent dwellings in primary locations are often listed at a premium price and may not be packed with high-end amenities.  Reach out to us to know more about how we can help you find your dream home today! We have a variety of listings across Baga, Candolim, Vagator, and surrounding areas.