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The Dos and Don’ts of Renting the Villa


You may be surprised to see how easy it is to search, book, and take a break if you a very private vacation in a private in the sun. Something that has appealed to many real estate investors to own an independent home and then list it as a vacation property. Goa’s real estate market is strongly pursued because of its swift return on investment with rental incomes.


A Vacation Property That is For Everyone

You do not have to be a celebrity as well as loaded with the cash to rent a  holiday villa home vacation. You can look for a property that suits your needs as there is a variety of properties all across Goa.

Whether you want a private getaway with your friend or are looking for a big family or friends, you will able to find one based on your preferences. Families love gated and private vacation homes in particular as hotel rules and times do not bound children.

Weigh up all the pros and cons

You can forget about the luxury of endless all-inclusive buffets, with wait staff to attend to your requests. And you’re not going to get organized entertainment, children’s clubs, and a daily maid.

But for the duration of your stay, you are going to gain a place that is your own. No guests to struggle with sun loungers, a private pool all to yourself with the comfort of deciding when to eat, drink, sleep, party, and the ability to truly kick back and enjoy life with all the luxuries of a typical home.

Do not forget to check what all things are included

Essentially, for the duration you rent it, you get the use of a home. It usually comes with bedding and towels, a cuisine, a private or shared swimming pool, and all amenities that the house has. Many of them are also welcomed with some basic groceries stocked in the kitchen.

However, if you want cleaning or maid service or to know if there is a refundable deposit to be left on arrival or for any other information that you need, read all the terms and conditions of the rental.

Do the research properly

How does this happen? Get online, and this is so simple. Although there are magazines and brochures also available, you can view the properties on the website in real detail.

The holiday rental specialists offer a range of properties, and you can search the number of bedrooms, prices, and even filters to select the perfect holiday stay for your party by having their sea views, private pools, and other facilities. Don’t worry too much about the size of the property–you want your break and don’t want to be packed in a small house to reduce the cost.

Also, read reviews and contact the rental company for advice if you want specific questions on your property. If you haven’t heard of the company, read reviews online to make sure your reservation is valid. You can also talk to the owner of the property or post an email to the site owner with all your queries.

Do not ruin the trip by getting the wrong details 

It is always advised to know of the exact location of the property and also how to get there when you arrive. If you’re not in a resort, you probably need a rental car to make the most of your stay. Lastly, you are in a fabulous house that doesn’t have easy access to restaurants, shops, or the beach therefore you must be mobile and well aware of how to get things done by yourself. Transfer time from your airport should also be taken into account.

Consider your flight schedules and arrival time and be aware of what the check-in / check-out times are. Don’t come too late or early as you either get lost in the dark or wait hours to check-in.

And, like on every vacation, from the day you book, take a decent travel insurance policy.

Do not ruin your vacations by forgetting anything important

Once you’ve booked your reservation, make a list of all the things you need to get ready. Get together all your paperwork from boarding passes to driving licenses, where to collect keys, and how you pay your deposit. Importantly, ensure that you have information about who to contact or in an emergency.