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10 Tips for Renovating your Villa Beautifully and Economically

Are you thinking of renovating your villa? Usually, you plan to renovate your house to make it more beautiful and comfortable. Consider the home refurbishment plan to be in line with a business plan or a client project, setting yourself outright from scratch.

If you are planning to hire an interior designer for the renovation, he would prepare all the aspects for you, but the first step is to take control of the project yourself to add that personal touch and save on expenses as well. Below are a few DIY ideas about how one can refurbish a home on a budget. The key to budgetary renovation is mainly to plan the whole process efficiently. We will detail how your entire renovation plan can be divided into smaller parts based on the area and how you can efficiently renew your home. The end goal here is to create a space that suits your comforts keeping a close check on expenses as well.


1) Dividing You Conquer

As mentioned earlier effective planning is essential to efficient renovation. Keep in mind both the overall goal and on the smaller parts as well. If you heard the phrase, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” a thought that can be used when strategizing a  home renewal plan too. If a hire a restructuring architect is on board, he will evaluate and refurbish your needs accordingly. However, if you are in charge of your ideas, creativity will be put to test to achieve the end goals for each space in the house.


2) Budgeting

Given that the goal is to economically renovate your home, you must decide the overall expenses/limit. While budgeting, it is important to remember that you cannot overestimate expenses, and preferably keep the budget undervalued, and then proceed to research what you need.


3) Adequate Research

When you begin your research, you will be surprised at how many options there are available. You can buy the beautiful lamp seen in an upmarket store at lower prices elsewhere too. While renovating on a budget, remember that you can find the majority of supplies at inexpensive prices, Take to online shopping to find furniture pieces, paint swatches, and decorations for the build. Alternatively, thrift shops and second-hand mechanical shops are excellent sources to find great deals.


4) First Impressions Begin With The Door

The door to the room is the first impression. Consider repainting the door if you can’t entirely change it. Keep in mind that doors may also influence the room’s lighting. Therefore if the room has plenty of dark palettes in its décor painting the door along with the trims and ceilings a lighter shade optimize the lighting in the area.


5) Paints and Lights Go Together

Lighting and lighting go hand-in-hand, and therefore if a new shade of paint is opted for it may have a counterintuitive effect to go with the lighting scheme. Conservative palettes in this instance are pastels and white palettes, it’ll give the house a sophisticated and contemporary look, and you pretty much can’t go wrong with it.


6) Small Rooms in the Property do not have to appear to look small

With the help of strategically placing mirrors in a room, a room can be made to look larger than it actually is.  If the option is available, allow for more natural light to flow into the space as well.


7) Storage and Kitchens

While decorating always look for opportunities to improve the storage in the space and also the possibility to de-clutter. Storage can never be enough, but on the other hand, space is limited therefore being creative helps. You can reduce your storage problems by using your kitchen to its maximum capacity.


8) Ample Light through Windows

“Half the experience of living indoors is watching outdoors,” says Marc Appleton. So, if you have the option install large windows when remodeling the villa. And if you don’t have the option to consider exploring a variety of wall colors and opt for lighter colors on the windows to maximize the light coming through the windows.


9) Renovation of your bathroom

The number of inexpensive but high-quality products that you can buy to renovate your bathroom would surprise you. With a little research online you will see so many options if fixture replacement is on the cards. If the renovation doesn’t permit major upgrades to the bathroom, smaller touches can be carried out by improving the paint, the lighting, a false ceiling, vanity mirror, improving the water pressure and also improving the cabinetry space.


10) Renovating the Floors

Renovating the floors can be expensive, but instead of the tiled floors that are present in most residences, you can opt for parquet floors, wooden floors, and even PVC inter-lockers that are very popular these days.