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Why Private Villas over Hotels?


This industry is changed due to the increased popularity of travelers looking for nothing less than an amazing experience. Now, the everyday traveler is looking for a more private, comfortable place to stay. Earlier, 5-star accommodation was the mantel that attracted people towards their attractive lifestyle, entertainment, and overall experience. Nowadays, however, people like to maintain a more personal space during their holiday.

Villas are the only thing that can integrate 5-star comfort and natural splendor. Indepedential residential units on the market today are nestled in exotic locations that draw people to it such as by the riverbank, beach properties, scenic views, etc.

Besides this, homeowners of these properties pack their space with a variety of modern amenities, such as a personal chef, private swimming pool, bar-café, and Jacuzzis, just to name a few that are aimed at giving you a relaxing and comfortable experience. You are in the lap of luxury with all comforts at your disposal.


These are some factors that villas score over hotels.

Total Privacy-

A villa offers an unbeatable level of privacy. You have the entire property to yourself when you book it, the swimming pool, the kitchen, the chef, the gym, etc. The residential unit becomes your very own home minus all the pesky neighbors and you can unwind and be yourself.

Hotels rates versus the villa rates-

There has been an increase in the total number of 5 starred and 3-starred hotels in Goa over the last few years. Many experts believe it is a very competitive market, and the large and surprising discounts in tariffs are mainly to attract travelers. However, these concessions also decrease the overall experience as hotels do need to cost-cut to meet lower tariff plans. When you compare the experience, it is much cheaper to rent a private residence. Besides, it is indeed less expensive to rent one if you are a large group of friends. Private residences are excellent properties that homeowners have well maintained with top-class interiors and ultra-modern luxuries and then rent out, to get your monies worth!


There is no comparison of the floor area of a tiny hotel room to the floor area of a villa. An independent home is a lot more spacious and a lot more elegant. A majority of these properties in Goa have large living spaces, a large kitchen, spacious bathrooms, and very comfortable bedrooms. What’s more, is that you can enjoy the common areas all to yourself without having to stand in line or fight for a sunbed. Most hotels don’t even have airy rooms preventing fresh air to flow in and sometimes even sunlight, something that you won’t have to comprise in a villa.


Even the most splendid hotels offer a superior room on the same floor that resembles 20 other rooms. They sell one standard design and they pretty much have the same layout and features. When booking at private properties the sky is the limit with so much variety in interior design, architecture, and styles. Personal Jacuzzis, pool, and even private spas and chefs make the stay a lot more delightful.  The open spaces, lawns, views, and food make the experience a whole lot relaxed and worth the money.

Private villas are essentially residences that a homeowner has purchased as a second home or as an investment. The potential of rental income and the appreciating property rates are what attract many to invest in one. Most of these residences in Goa are 3 and 4 bedroom villas curated towards a holiday experience. Homeowners spend plenty on keep the villas modern, filled with amenities and luxurious comforts that have attracted travelers to want to stay in them!