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Luxury properties

Often the term “luxury” is used In the world of travel and hospitality. The constant attempts to get your attention can be a little disorienting with so much advertising and commercialization. When you want to truly rent a luxurious villa, it may be hard to find the right business to work with, and it may also be a challenge to know which one of the vast array of claims to believe, not to mention the time spent online researching it. Goa has a number of luxury properties on the market, some that are also available as holiday home rentals. Either way, the luxury segment is booming in Goa and there we breakdown the basics of the standards of luxury.

In this post, we have tried to explain in detail what we regard as a “luxury villa” personally based on a number of criteria and requirements that we have drawn from our experience with our guests over the years. We decided to emphasize only villas with at least four bedrooms as a preference.

We have traveled a lot throughout Goa; especially where the luxury villas In Assagao, Ashwen, and Siolim are located, in order to examine all possible luxury villas, test their services and interview owners and managers. We take due care to ensure that every addition to our portfolio reflects the excellent quality service we strive to offer.

  1. Amenities and Features

A luxurious villa should include a swimming pool, in-house staff, a spacious living room, an elegantly furnished dining area, a fully equipped and state-of-the-art kitchen at the minimum end of the spectrum of requirements. The interiors of these rooms must be designed and furnished paying attention to detail and opulence. Equipped with amenities and luxury expected of modern living, such as entertainment consoles and high-speed internet access.

Villas with a longer list of features are plentiful, that feature with a wide range of options. Often, the top-of-the-line villas include a dedicated movie theater room, game rooms with all modern entertainment and a fully operational spa on-site, private gyms, indoors and outdoors jacuzzis, fully-equipped offices for the company that cannot stop, kid’s areas with enough entertainment to keep them occupied along with a sports area. These and similar features, define a villa as being categorized in the ‘luxury villa’ segment.

  1. Staff and Services

A luxury villa without a qualified and dedicated team doesn’t qualify as a property in the luxury segment. The idea behind have professional staff is so you can run facilities efficiently and create a relaxing environment, which is the hallmark of a good guest experience. To keep up to a particular standard, the quality villa has a staff of maids, housekeepers, chefs, operations, and concierge staff that must be available to meet the individual needs of guests.

The staff must be devoted to the care of the property and meet up to the satisfaction of the guests ensuring that their stay is as best as possible. Although guests will not communicate with the entire staff, the staff needs to be friendly and cordial, personable, and diligent in their work. They must also communicate well in English or in the preferred language of guests.

  1. Design of your Villa

The overall design–architecture, scenery, interiors, and furnishings is one of the essential features in a villa that come together to create a warm and cozy atmosphere and experience of staying in a luxurious villa. The best luxury villas are visually very appealing, with a distinctive character that is expressed in the general esthetics of the structure, its environment, and its interior.

  1. Location of your Villa

Although a villa fulfills all of the aforementioned requirements with flying colors,  quality location is very critical to the success of the villas. Guests have a wide range of requirements, but a majority of them are usually looking for a quiet place to stay and relax, and be extremely comfortable.

These popular locations are beaches and coastline, or even further inland but still near the ocean with a beautiful,  or a location with a spectacular view on the high mountain, or even adjacent to peaceful and beautiful rice fields.

  1. Maintenance of the Villa

The villa’s maintenance standards are, by far, the most crucial aspect to retaining its standards in the luxury segment. Over the course of time, even the most opulent and well-constructed construction will fall into turmoil without proper upkeep

We understand that time, energy, as well as resources preserve a luxurious villa to remain a competitive entity in business and to maintain its quality.