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How to know a house is right for you

It is quite reasonable to be careful whenever you shop for a home. Most importantly, investing in a house is a huge investment, and you would like to be sure that you have taken a proper decision of buying a house. How can one tell that the selected villa is just right for you? Many people do have gut instincts others need to be convinced. Here are indicators to guide you on whether you have selected the right property.


  1. Your reaction on arrival at the house

Part of the thrill of searching for homes is that you don’t know which new home can be your new home. You arrive at the street locating the particular villa that is on the market. Which of the places strike your fancy? It could be a sign of why a particular property appeals to you and why others don’t that could be a sign. There is always something about first impressions, go with what appeals to you.


  1. When the home embraces you the moment you walk in

Three seconds in and you will know if you feel warm and comforting. It would seem as if it is talking to you.  Would you like to explore it? Feels like home? If so, then probably it is.


  1. You do not feel fun in the bathroom

Sometimes buyers often feel incredibly uncomfortable around the bathroom area opting to stand outside, lean from the frame of the door, and poke their heads in for a minute. On the other hand, it could be a home of your liking  if you go into the bathroom and are wooed by its layout, natural light, and its ‘coziness’ factor

  1. You always feel defensive about the new house

Your agent might point out the flaw or a two or five and say, ‘ The kitchen sink is stained ‘ or, ‘ I would update this and this. ‘ It might be an indication that if you discover yourself being defensive about all the visible flaws it could just be that you won’t be willing to be living in after remedying all the flaws.

  1. You start to envision the furniture arrangement

It just might be your house if you happen to walk in the master bedroom and then immediately visualize the bed against the particular wall or a layout for a kitchen you always desired.  It is very likely that you are hooked if you find yourself thinking that the living room window is the best place for Christmas tree decorations.

  1. See if the property meets the basic needs

The property may not be included in your desired list, but it satisfies your space requirements. The number of rooms and its sizes perhaps is a large enough space for your family’s needs. Perhaps it doesn’t have a garage, but it is not essential to buy a house with a garage. You know if it turns outright, you can build a garage. A sudden drive for flexibility is a good sign that you’re right.


7. You choose not to look out for more houses

You no longer find house hunting appealing. You compare every new property you visit a particular one, and thus not meeting your expectations. Your ratings for homes that were on the top of your list have begun to drop as they just happen to be pale in comparison to a particular one.

  1. You cannot brag more about it

Have you snapped several photos of your possible new house and posted them on social media? Have you told your friends about the possibility of owning a (this) new house? If you feel excited after visiting a listing that is on the market for the first time, then you might have found the right home for you.

  1. You have planned to go back

If you have already spoken to your family members and have planned your next visit to the property right before leaving the driveway, then it is likely that the property for you. You want to see it at another time of the day or the next time you bring your mother or best friend along. Ask your agent to send information to the seller to make sure it is in good condition. Probably you should also begin talking about offers because ‘your’ house has apparently been found.

Never overlook the basics

Be realistic about taking actionable steps on purchasing a home that you fancy. Before put out an offer check out the schools in the nearby vicinity if you have children and see how long you will have to travel to work.  But don’t ‘sleep on it as there may be other offers on a particular listing. You could discuss with the realtor the intent of moving ahead with the sale so as to get the ball rolling. Working on budgeting for it and also finances could take some time and could cause delays as well.