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Before considering creating an internet site for renting your property or even commissioning professional pictures of it furnishing your rental villa is so very important to its success.

Many find making choices difficult which picking what furniture would work for a rental. While it is a homeowner’s dream to start off with a blank slate of an empty property, others find it to be a potentially mammoth task of finding the right holiday home furniture to place inside the villa.

Our guide will take you through the key steps to make your villa a popular and attractive property that renters will simply adore!

Pick the short term rental furniture when you get started!

  1. Creating a furnishing rental property checklist

As a first step, all the furnishings you own already should be written down, unless you are starting from scratch! Most of the time, however, you will have already some bits and pieces that you already own.

You can create a basic checklist for the rental of a property once you have a list of items. First, mark the furniture you definitely still need to buy to get the villa equipped and comfortable for guests.

The second part of the checklist then follows. Here you can list out decoration items you want to buy as supplementary items when the fundamentals are covered.

  1. Know the guests

Setting a target market demographic will help aid your furnishing decisions making it easier from the beginning. It may be a suitable destination for families with young children, the layout of the property being family-friendly. In this case, short-term rental furniture is worth choosing as it is also child friendly. If the villa is in a style that is smaller and cozier it could set-up as a romantic retreat for couples, for which a different style of furniture would be needed for its interiors.

3. Setting a budget

You’ll probably already have a rough assessment of what you are prepared to spend on renovation in your initial stage of buying your property. Of course, furniture and furnishings costs may not be a part of the initial renovation budget. You need to be generous while adding a budget for furniture in order to give a special touch to your rental.

While a lot of good-condition, reasonably priced items from shops or private vendors can be found, there can be no guarantee that you’ll find exactly what you have in mind. Plan your budget based on retail prices and if you find a deal elsewhere, you may be pleasantly surprised.

4.Finding the inspiration online

You can start with ideas for the overall look and style that you want to achieve on your vacation rental in parallel with your budget planning. There are many ideas for interior design on the internet, especially at social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest.

5.Defining a style

Having a theme in place and building around it an approach that will help piece things together with the different elements in the room. It is a good idea to remember what will appeal to the guests, how comfortable and functional it is. Neutral colors are always a safe bet along with keeping trinkets and ornaments to a minimum. Look to the locality for inspiration, if the property is at a beachfront, bright blues will complement the decor, if the property is in the woods, then earthy colors will be a better-suited theme.

6. The Furniture must be durable

In general, furniture in a holiday rental will wear and tear a lot faster than furniture used in a regular home as the usage would be continuous.  Some of which can be protected such as cushions, mattresses, etc. Other larger items such as dining tables, sofa sets are prone to accidental damage every now and then. Investing in pieces that are harder to stain, break, and scratch will save the cost of having to replace them in a short period of time.

  1. Make use of lights for space creation

Regardless of whether indoor or outdoor, bedroom or living room, luminous or mellow, your vacation rental lighting choices have a major impact on how guests experience the space and also the room’s appeal. A balance of primary lighting and ambient lighting will help in mood setting and create a nice ambiance to the space.