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Difference between a villa, duplex apartment and a flat

An apartment or a villa bungalow?–What’s the right choice for you? Confused about what would be best suited for you? It is important to recognize terms that will help you in making a cognitive purchase and also in creating a better value out of your investment. A house is a place of comfort, irrespective of its size and all its facilities. However, let’s start with the housing styles that are affordable and move up to the luxury segment

What’s an apartment or a flat?

A multi-unit building in the residential area is known as flat. If you wonder what an apartment is, it’s just the synonym for flats. Some other types of apartments are also available; you might be interested in knowing about them.

Apartments are classified as LIG, MIG, and HIG as they meet the housing requirements of income groups. Apartments can also be categorized as 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and so on, depending on the number of bedrooms and common areas. The word BHK stands for Bedroom-Hall-Kitchen. An apartment can provide people with limited and continuous sources of income with basic shelter and is commonly referred to as medium-class housing for sections of society.

Different types of apartment

Every country has a unique way of identifying residential spaces. You should be aware of these types of flats when you invest in Goa.

Builder apartments: Indian property is divided into two main categories–family-owned and professional real estate enterprises. Flats built by individual builders are called builder flats. This isn’t an organized part of a large township. These apartments cannot be legally over four floors. These are the smaller versions of apartments with multi-story buildings. There is a single flat built on every floor.

Multi-story apartments: Multi-storey apartments are a number of flats building on several floors and buildings.

Row houses: The State-owned housing boards develop some residential areas. For finishing the housing project in a limited budget and time, houses are built adjacent to each other, and they also share common walls.

Penthouse: A penthouse could be more expensive than a villa, and it found on the topmost floor of a high-rise building. A penthouse is undoubtedly the most expensive residence in a multi-story apartment. It is the top floor of a building that has several floors since and is also a lot more in carpet area.

A villa project

Moving from apartment types to properties with a degree of independence–and the first in the series are villas. A villa is called the luxurious counterpart of a row house. The property opens directly into the street; then as a small porch or a wide balcony clubbed to its entrance. A small lawn area is also very common is used mainly for gardening, car park, or even as a sit out. A villa is a separate residential unit, but the floor plan is fixed. There is no space to expand a villa in many cases, however, floors can be added to it after availing the necessary licenses. If you feel at ease with the idea of living in a community but don’t want to share with other people, an independent villa would be a good fit for your needs. In comparison to an apartment, villas are priced higher as the cost of construction is a lot more and also it is sold along with the piece of land

How are duplex flats different from villas?

Duplex apartments are very common in metro cities. A duplex apartment is a single-family home that is built on two floors, which has a single kitchen and a dining area. In terms of its design and appearance, it is very similar to that of a villa however in terms of overall size it is smaller in comparison. In general, a duplex house consists of separate entrance points on each of the floors. Typically beginning at roundabout 1800 sq ft, the duplex is one up in size to that of an apartment but is less than a villa. A villa could have just one floor as well, however, it is very uncommon to see as most are duplex units.

A Bungalow Project

A bungalow is another type of independent home that is built on a separate property having a garden, outhouse, servant quarters, etc. A bungalow is a status symbol. It may have several floors, although intended for a single-family. There are multiple bedrooms on the upper levels along with common spaces on floors as well. Each area of the house can be remodeled to serve a purpose according to personal preferences. A bungalow is constructed over a considerable area of land, with a square meter area more significant than all other residential units described above.

How to differentiate between a bungalow, duplex houses, and luxury villas?

Bungalows are a form of traditional living space as coming to luxury villas that represent high-end living with modern facilities. Villas are designed with private swimming pools, very private and also gated. Features such as broad porches, double heighted patios, sunk decks, and private elevators are some of the many features seen in modern villas. Villas also form a part of a modern community.