Luxury Villas At Candolim

Cost of Living


Goa, the land of great beaches, food, and nightlife, welcomes a lot of people every day from all parts of the world. The beauty of it is that Goa has a place for travelers of all budgets. Overall the cost of living here is very economical for a beach destination, that perhaps why people like spending long holidays here.

Goa is the biggest mix of cultures, different religions, and communities all living in peace and harmony. It is known for a relaxed way of life and also rich in traditions and is the home to peace and loving people.

  1. Housing

There are a variety of options to choose from that include small hostels that offer a traveler a basic living space to luxury villas that are equipped with all the modern comforts. Well, there are travelers on both sides of the spectrum, therefore it is important to set out with a rough budget. The location also determines the rates in the area along with the time of the season. Accommodation can be hired for a minimum of two nights and three days and even an annual lease. Accommodation can range anywhere from Rs. 1,500 a day to Rs. 1,50,000 a month for a large condo. Areas at the coastal belt can be a lot more expensive during the season as compared to the off-season.

  1. Furnishing

Furnishing an apartment is almost a necessity even if the house comes with basic furniture. A budget of rs. 25,000 to Rs.30,000 is a decent spend to furnish a 1 BHK apartment with the basics. Additionally, there would be expenses on an internet connection and also a cable connecting.

  1. Food Expenses

There is much variety in terms of food and it is available all over the place.  From street food kiosks to fine-dining experiences there is so much to explore. The local meal is Fish, Curry, and Rice that is found at every restaurant that ranges from Rs.250 to Rs.350.

  1. Transportation

Admittedly, public transportation isn’t all that great and therefore you would be required to hire a bike or a four-wheeler. There are monthly deals available and bike hires can be found everywhere.  These can cost anywhere from Rs. 700  a day to Rs. 3000 for high-end vehicles.

  1. Electricity and Water Bills

If you plan to rent a home you will have to budget for water as well as electricity bills. On average the water bill would be below Rs. 300 and electricity on an average Rs.800. Utility bills arrive every month. Additionally, you would also require an LPG cylinder or you can opt for an induction cooking hob. An LPG cylinder would cost Rs.650 on every refill.

Overall Goa is a very expensive place to live to experience a comfortable and relaxed life. The areas that are most popular are the Northern beach belt that is packed with holiday goers all year long. The South-Go coastline is also home to plenty of accommodation options as well.