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Whether it is a 2 BHK, 3 BHK, or 4 BHK villas by the beach or even beach residences, all of which have a charm like none other. Fortunately, there are a number of cozy neighborhoods that have exclusive seaside adobes that it shouldn’t be a task finding a place that you can call your own.  A little bit of research before you set off house-hunting will give you a better understanding of the budget that you’ll need and your specific needs of the property. At the same time factors pertaining to the financial risk as well, weather-related risks must be assessed as well.  A beach property gives you access to a lifestyle that many would envy. Research studies have shown living by the shores increases your well-being and betters your health as well that it will make you happier and calmer. If you notice that subtle joy whenever you are at the beach, it’s not just you, it is been scientifically proven!

Hiring a realtor that has sufficient experience in purchasing and selling properties in the coastal areas will save you plenty of time and will reduce the efforts that go into finding the right property.  Plenty of factors need to be considered before making the final purchase, we have listed a few ‘top-of-the-mind considerations to get you going.

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Quality of Construction and Type Of Foundation

Beachside properties need to be as weather-proof as possible to be able to face the wrath of the monsoons and evade the possibilities of water seepage into the structure. For properties with a sea view, this has to be the number one priority to safeguard your investment. The materials used for its construction should be wind and flood-resistant along with being durable to stand up to heavy rains, humidity, and high temperatures. Coastal residential units need to be built of concrete and natural durable wood. Concreted structures are able to withstand the rain and wind over the years without deteriorating.

Cost of Property Management

While estimating the final price of purchase of the beach house, the costs of maintenance should be factored in as well. If the property is going to be an investment in real estate there must be someone to look after its upkeep while you are gone. General upkeep, landscaping, pest control services, payment of utility bills, laundry, etc. are some of the usual bills that are a monthly occurrence. If the beach home is in a gated complex or locality there would be a Co-operative Society that will collect fees on a monthly and annual basis for the overall upkeep of the area.

Through Check of The Roof’s and Terraces

When buying a beach-facing project a very close look at the civil layout of the roof and its present condition is a must. A leaking roof can be a liability and would need water-proofing treatments which can be an expensive affair. If the dwelling is sea-front facing it definitely must have undergone severe wear and tear than an average structure would due to harsh weather conditions that prevail in the coastal areas. Once again, concrete roofs are most suited in this case. Consider parts of the external structure that has open spaces and balconies and the possibility of water entering into the structure. If patches or stains are noticed on the ceiling it is a clear sign that parts of the roof need to be treated for waterlogging.

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Proximity to the Sea-shore

For many buyers that looking for beach residences their most important consideration is how near the particular property is located from the waterfront. For instance, the closer to the beach the higher the humidity that can affect appliances and furniture. Also close to the shore the salt in the air can corrode metal objects such as window grills and other similar metal structures. On the other hand, the closer the property is to the sea-front the higher the resale price for it. Additionally, beach properties are always in demand, and thus finding a buyer on the market isn’t a tall task. Insurance premiums on flood damage and flood risks are higher compared with other non-sea view properties.

Durability of Windows

It is always windy by the sea and the windows of the house should be capable of bracing for potential wind damage. The windows must be durable enough to not only protect from wind damage but also from wind-borne debris. We would strongly recommend upgrading to toughened glass windows made with PVC frames that are most suited for this environment. PVC windows not only help in wind protection but are also water-sealed when shut preventing any seepage of water through it. These types of windows also help in noise reduction and add a plush look to the external décor of the villa.

Rental Income Potential

Most second real estate investors look to rent out their beach houses to create an income stream from the asset that they have purchased.  Consider the type of project as well, if the villa is a 3 BHK or a 4 BHK the property can be great for groups as compared to a 1 BHK unit that would be more suited to a limited number of guests but would rent out for a cheaper price. If the monthly fees for maintenance and initial costs are high then listing the property at a higher rental may not be feasible for renters. The rentals that can be fetched from the local area must also be considered to calculate the potential income that can be targeted for the property. If the property is in a gated community there are likely to be strict rules about renting the property. But being realistic, the demand for beach houses is near-bottomless which means that there would be takers all year round, something that cannot be said about properties in cities or away from the shore.



If you are looking for peace and quiet the last thing would be purchasing a property when the noise decibels are not comfortable to bear. Researching the street that the property is on and the neighborhood can save plenty of frustration later.

What’s Next?

You need the right realtor to find you a sea view property of your own! We at Asiatic are here to assist you in finding the right place, contact us today and we can get started on locating your dream second home!